Are You Ready to Stop the Overwhelm, Embrace Emotions as Powerful Allies, and Step Fully into Emotional Leadership?

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In registering for our Emotional Leadership Summit:

  • You’ll hear tips from experts across multiple professions on how to turn emotions into allies.
  • You’ll hear tips from individuals who have lived through difficult emotional challenges and found their way to the other side, including publishing books to share their knowledge with others.
  • You’ll learn actionable insights that will help you embrace your emotions and use them to empower your personal growth.
  • You’ll receive free, bonus gifts from just about every speaker!

So get ready to break free from the barriers holding you back and to take charge of your emotional well-being. And don’t hesitate to forward the registration link to all those you know and love! Everyone is welcome.

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  • Learn step-by-step process to manage negative emotions and flip them into a source of strength?

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Ten-Step Strategy for Managing Difficult Emotions – Yours to download and put into action what you learn.

Summit Journal – For recording your takeaways, mindset shifts, and other important info you want to write down.

Entry to Exclusive One Day Emotional Leadership Intensive with Dr. Susan Hickman ($300 value)

Bring-a-Friend Ticket to admit a companion of your choice to Exclusive One Day Emotional Leadership Intensive ($300 value)

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