THANK  YOU and Congratulations on your decision to attend the Emotional Leadership Summit.

You are now officially registered to attend the Emotional Leadership Summit, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have you with us! Together, we’ll delve into strategies and techniques to help you understand and manage your emotions, transforming them into powerful allies to reach your highest goals.

I’m passionate about helping individuals like you overcome emotional barriers, and I’ve curated this summit to provide you with the keys to emotional well-being. Whether you feel overwhelmed by emotions or are simply seeking better control, this is your opportunity to embrace emotional leadership.

Starting September 29th, you’ll embark on a path filled with wisdom and guidance that can truly change your personal and professional life. Are you ready?

Here’s How it Works

First, mark your calendar for September 29th. That’s when the summit launches. Day one!

Each morning, starting September 29th, you’ll find an email from me with the link to the day’s session. New emotional insights await you daily, so stay engaged!

Prepare to Be Empowered. Leading experts will share their knowledge on emotional intelligence. Take notes or print out your Emotional Leadership Journal if you are a VIP. These insights are worth remembering!

Keep an eye on your email. I’ll send you friendly reminders as we approach the summit’s launch date.

Add to your contact list, ensuring you won’t miss any valuable insights.

Invite a friend or several. Emotional growth is an enriching journey and you can ramp up the impact by inviting family and friends to join in. Here’s the link to share:

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Thank you for joining the Emotional Leadership Summit. I can’t wait to begin this inspiring journey with you. See you on September 29th!

We Launch on Friday, September 29th


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Susan Hickman, PhD, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist / Summit Host

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Lifetime Access to Recordings:Revisit powerful insights anytime and make your emotions an ally rather than a hindrance.

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Summit Journal: Your personal space for recording transformative thoughts.

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